Easy cleaning of taps and ceramics with GROHE coatings

A bathroom is a place dedicated to well-being. Nevertheless, as hygiene is particularly important there, its cleaning can be tedious. Thanks to GROHE, cleaning the taps, washbasin, toilet and bidet is now very easy. With StarLight coating for fittings and PureGuard coating for ceramics, limescale and dirt have virtually no chance of accumulating.

The StarLight coating ensures that the faucets will shine as brightly as the first day, even after many years. It also makes their surface scratch-resistant. Fingerprints, dirt and limescale can be wiped off with a simple cloth.

GROHE PureGuard coating, specially developed for ceramics, is easy to clean and has antibacterial properties. Dirt and limescale simply run off with water. The growth of bacteria and germs is greatly reduced by ions built into the coating. Thus, the use of aggressive chemical cleaning agents is not necessary. Visit the PureGuard overview page >>right here

GROHE PureGuard - Antibacterial and easy to clean

Grohe Essence 3956500H

approx. 18-24 weeks
Grohe Essence 3960900H

approx. 18-24 weeks
Grohe Cube - Einbau-Waschtisch 492 x 370 mm weiß mit PureGuard

approx. 18-24 weeks
Grohe Cube - Einbau-Waschtisch 605 x 490 mm weiß mit PureGuard

approx. 18-24 weeks
Grohe Essence 3957300H

approx. 18-24 weeks
Grohe Essence 3957100H

approx. 5-8 weeks
Grohe Essence 3957500H

approx. 18-24 weeks

More products with GROHE PureGuard

GROHE coatings at a glance

GROHE StarLight


GROHE StarLight®: GROHE has developed the StarLight surface that will permanently maintain the quality of the fittings so that the GROHE fittings still shine and convince with their looks even after years. In addition to the long-lasting aesthetics, the coating also makes the surface resistant to dirt and scratches.


Pureguard: The PureGuard surface was specially developed for the Euro ceramic and the cube ceramic and gives it a durable surface. Long-lasting ions with an antibacterial effect prevent bacterial growth and keep the ceramic clean and germ-free. Deposits and limescale also hardly adhere to the smooth surface and are easy to remove.